Monday, June 4, 2007

Look Mom!!

My mom asked for a basket liner for her yarn basket for Mother's Day. She reminded me yesterday that she was still waiting. Oops! I got right on it. The outer fabric is reused, it was once the skirt for my son Leo's basinette. I hope you like it Mom!!


Nan said...

That is so cute! You are incredibly talented! :^D

Blaize said...

How could she not like it? There's little Danish or Tyrolean people inside, waiting to guard her yarn. I think that, despite their cuteness, the little Danish (or Tyrolean) people will guard the yarn quite fiercely, if necessary.

Mrs. MK said...

that is adorable!! LOVE IT!!

Katie said...

That's so well done! You mentioned a pattern for the bicycle basket. Is it a pattern the rest of us can get?

Kerry said...

Thanks Katie!
Regarding that basket liner pattern that I designed,
I am getting so many orders for the basket liner that I am thinking about manufacture... I don't think I can share that one.

Sarah and Jack said...

This is too cute. That inside fabric is one of my favorites.

Kimmie said...

Your mom is a blessed woman (I am sure she must love it!)

What a talent seamstress you are!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
stop by and visit, I love new friends (especially talented ones ;-)

Angelina said...

I love this. I am scared to try doing stiff shaped sewn containers because I imagine the interfacing must be hard to work with.

So cute!

Kerry said...

Hey Angelina-
No need to fear - especially if you use an iron-on interfacing (as I did for this basket liner) - so easy and adds just the right amount of weight. The sew in kind is easy too - you just need to plan for that extra step of sewing it in.