Sunday, May 20, 2007

Studio Tour

My worktable. Textile stash underneath.

We always had crates like this because my grandfather had a grocery store and my dad saved a lot of the orange and bottle crates. I like to make little scenes in them.

I love my Viking Husqvarna. When I realized that I needed a new sewing machine last year I went to the Singer store. I broke into a sweat when I say down to one of the machines, I just didn't like the way the new machines looked or felt. I left the store unsure about what to do. Then I went on ebay and found this model. All metal, top of the line in 1978. I just fell in love with it. I bid on at least 4 of them until I finally won this one.


Green Kitchen said...

Your machine looks really nice. My Bernina has horrible 80s graphics. It probably ruins me a little bit at a time with each project. ;)

Katie Greenwood said...

What a cool machine! I've never seen one of that model before.

It's a shame about Singer isn't it. I keep my mom's mid-50's Singer and it's wonderful but the newer ones are mostly pretty bad. I've had a couple of real lemons.

Mrs. MK said...

love your machine!!

Kimmie said...

I love your sewing machine...can I ask you how much you paid for it? I am looking for a machine and would like an older one too!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Kerry said...

Hi Kimmie -
I got my machine on ebay for about $400.00. Totally worth it if you like a more traditional (non-computer) type machine. It was the top of the line in 1978, and I think it has at least another 20 years in it! It has 6 different cams with a total of 24 decorative stitches. If you want to know more you can email me.