Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Smock Apron - 1967

My sister Sue and I make peanut butter cookies in our house in Saginaw, Michigan. The cookbook is the Betty Crocker Cookie Book. My mom made the apron in her highschool home economics class. We lived in the house at 1626 Stone until 1971, and then moved into a ranch house in Saginaw Township - a city to suburbs move.


Jen said...

Hello! Terrific apron site and blog! Met you at the U of M A-D alumni gathering. Very crafty of you. Be sure to check out the DIY trunk show this year -- it was terrific last year, you should show there!

Gina said...

My husband grew up in Saginaw Twp! What a small world. Did you go to Eisenhower High School?