Saturday, August 22, 2009

Woody is Ready for Fall

I made this jacket for our dog Woody last night. I found the free pattern on line here. I had to enlarge the pattern (Woody is 19" around the middle). I used the sleeve of a vintage man's jacket that I have had in the basement for years. Woody does not like getting wet (we had a funny trip to the beach with him this summer, he had no interest in the lake and sat under an upturned chair and sulked the whole time we were there!) My mom knit the sweater below for him recently, check out the monogram!

I do realize that putting garments on a dog is mostly silly, but since Woody does not like water, and Chicago winters can be pretty cold, I think he will like having them. I know I will love walking him in his new duds!


Blaize said...

Yes, dressing dogs is silly. But adorable. Woody looks sweet in his little outfits.

Building a home said...

That is a very beautiful jacket. Woody really looks so cute while wearing it. LOL!!!