Friday, April 10, 2009

Mae's Apron

I'm just a little bit embarrassed to admit that this is the first apron I have made for Mae. She has asked before, but always in a general way - and recently I named one after her - that kinda counts, right?? Not really.

Yesterday I was thinking that I really need a child's full apron in my line, and she walked up and said "mom, can you make an apron for me now?" What good timing! She picked out the fabric for the body, and today she designed a pocket:

Pocket detail.

Bib detail.

We had so much fun making this apron. She did a lot of the cutting, and turned the pocket. I showed her all of my apron making secrets as I was sewing. We also put the design in my pattern book. She didn't lose interest until the end, so I just finished it and presented it to her after lunch. She just loves it. I asked her if she will be getting it dirty and she said "of course mom, that's what an apron's for!" well amen to that!


Julia said...

They are both beautiful!!! What a gorgeous daughter!! And can you be my mom too? And show me how to properly use a sewing machine??

Blaize said...

Yes! Great story, and a great apron, and great photos and you people are stellar.

Joules said...

This Mae apron is so fine, and the pocket design is fantastic! I really like your collaborative effort.

Kerry said...

Thank you Blaize!!

Joules we had so much fun working together - and now I am working on a child's apron made with her pocket design!

temp jobs said...

i like the color so much!

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