Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Oh That's So Romantic!

Amy Dickinson and Bruno Schickel

I've been reading the Vows column of the New York Times every Sunday since it was still in the back of the Sports section. I always found it so delightful and unexpected in that location! It's still my favorite part of the Sunday paper (call me shallow, or romantic - I can take it).

Amy Dickinson replaced Ann Landers as the advice columnist for the Chicago Tribune in 2003, and I started reading her column soon after. She gives the most level headed and sane advice, I just love her attitude. Last year at a Christmas party I had the pleasure of meeting Amy, and we talked aprons, (of course!) I'm pretty sure she told me that she's a full apron type of gal, and I also remember that she was pretty petite. I haven't decided which apron to send her yet - either a full version of Pom's Farm (she's from the Finger Lakes town of Freeville NY), or the full version of Who's Counting? (she might appreciate the funny fabric). I'm still waiting to hear from my friend Peter Sagal (the Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me host) to get me her address, so I've got a little time to ponder. Read the Vows column featuring Amy and Bruno here.If you have an opinion about which apron to send, please let me know!


Blaize said...

I think the "Pom's Farm" one is more kitchen-to-table compatible. I mean, I KNOW that a hostess is supposed to remove her apron when the party starts, or at least change to a hostess apron, but the full apron ends up staying on usually, doesn't it?

Since she has a kind of fancy life, the fancier one (and I think Pom's Farm is "fancier" because the fabric is bark cloth, and pictorial. Actually, I don't know why it strikes me as fancier, but it does.) would probably be useful.

Oh, heck. Either one would be great! I'm just blah blah blah.

And you know Peter Sagal? You need to do a "brush with fame" post, so we can find out who all you know!

Anonymous said...

Poms Farm...since it fits so well with the location of their photo. :) does Bruno get one too?

Kerry said...

Thanks Blaize - I think it's unanimous at this point. Peter's lovely wife Beth just emailed me and told me she thought Pom's Farm was the way to go too! Oak Park is full of creative types - Peter's kids go to school with mine, and he lives just a few blocks away. I'll put that post together soon, I don't care if it's tacky, it's fun to name drop! (my husband is wincing from a remote location).

Thanks Catslye - I'll have to think on that!!

Trina aka Doll said...

Mr. Doll and I have a well choreographed distribution of the Sunday NYT....I always read the Style Section 2nd....it's my reward for reading the front news section. I saw the article on Amy and it was very sweet. How extra sweet of you to send her an apron!

Bee-Bop said...

how about a charming gentlemen's apron for the groom? check out my washable 'leather' tuxedo at:

Aunt Pitty Pat's said...

I think I like the Pom's Farm fabric the best :)

Rainma said...

I will have to be the small spoon in the large pot here and say I prefer the Who's Counting apron the best.

Kalei said...

Which apron did you end up sending to Amy? I like the Poms Farm one for her.....although I see the conflict, because they are both equally fantastic. I just see her in the Poms Farm print. Thanks for the email. You have inspired me to make a few aprons as gifts for some friends get-togethers.....they won't be nearly as great as yours, but a little imperfect...just like me. =)