Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Evelyn's Order

Practically Necessary was featured in the Chicago Edition of Daily Candy last Wednesday - Wonderful news! The wrinkle was that I came down with the worst cold that day - and it just got worse and worse. I was sitting at my computer Wednesday morning (most of the orders came in berfore noon) with just enough energy to monitor the orders and update my site as the one-of-a-kinds sold. By the weekend the ENTIRE family had come down with it - it was almost funny (but felt so AWFUL!)

A gal named Evelyn ordered 3 of my favorite aprons - I was so delighted when I found the "E" hankie in my collection in include in her order - I hope she loves it!

I let most of my customers know what happened, and everyone was just fine with waiting a few extra days for their order. Today the kids are still recovering so I'm getting some orders finished and ready to ship. I can't work tonight though... it's DERBY NIGHT!


Anonymous said...

Love the E hankie! and her name...Evelyn. :) so pretty!

Blaize said...

If she doesn't love the handkerchief, well, I sure do. Sorry to hear about the Sickness of Doooom. But, on the other hand, congratulations on the article, the orders, and DERBY NIGHT!