Saturday, December 8, 2007

It Was A Very Good Year (1965)

I just finished this one of a kind apron. The pockets are made from a vintage Vera linen calendar. It was unfinished on the rack when I had my sale last week, but it sold to a gal named Marian who I met at a house sale this summer. Marian had a bag of notions in her hand and when I asked her where she found them she handed them to me and told me I could have them! When we met later in line we chatted a little I told her about my apron business. She saw the article about me in the Wednesday journal and came by the sale with her daughter Rosie. Marian bought 2 of my one of a kinds, and Rosie bought 2 holiday aprons. It really made my day! I am off to deliver "1965" this afternoon.

The back view. I like to use contrasting ties whenever possible.

I cut the calendar in half to create 2 roomy pockets.

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